Wednesday, April 05, 2006

GAP guy: Josh Wald

Josh Wald Josh Wald
Fashion designers find models in the strangest places, and no place is more random than a skateboard ramp. Board in tow, Josh Wald has made a name for himself in the Runway world and is slapped all over modeling pullovers, sweaters, t-shirts and khakis. With a rare combo of straight boy appeal and pretty boy, chiseled model good looks, if that torso doesn’t convince you to like Josh, nothing will.

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    Vinícius Postiglione: between classical and modern

    Vinicius Postiglione
    His name is Vinicius Postiglione, a Brazilian model, whose slender muscled body with a lenght of 1,87 meter, and his well shaped face with the exotic dark angel eyes, were all he needed to build a successful career in modeling. Vinícius Postiglione is 23 years old, but can already look back on an impressive worklist that made him live in Sao Paolo, Milan and China, and brought him to Honkong and Africa.

    Vinicius PostiglioneVinicius PostiglioneVinicius Postiglione

    As is so often the case with the boys from Brazil, modeling was not the first thing on Vinícius’ list of priorities. He studied mechanics and has a passion for mathematics. Since three years Vinícius shares his life with a girlfriend, whom he met only two weeks before moving in. Love at first sight…must have been the eyes …

    Tuesday, April 04, 2006

    The naked scents: Ian Lawless and Lacoste Pour Homme

    TV ad for Lacoste Pour Homme is amazing!

    Ian Lawless (an Aussie model) is neither concerned about being seen nor trying to hide his nakedness. He's totally naked, sitting, holding a cup of tea. His posture and expression are confident but with a provacative sparkle in his eyes. Yeah, that's what "Lacoste guys" said about the ad on their website. He really has that provacative sparkle that makes you want to throw that cup of tea and bite his butt! :-p ...

    Ian LawlessIan LawlessIan Lawless

    Czech Point

    Studio 2000's Czech Point goes down as one of the studio's hottest films. What gives this movie the edge is not its first-class sex, or its well-paced editing, but the inspired casting of Chris Steele and Pavel Novotny (Max Orloff for Bel Ami). Steele is one of the finest tops to ever grace the industry, and here he finds perfect synchronicity with Novotny.

    Since making this movie, Novotny has become a big sensation. His beautiful face had by this point only graced the screen in William Higgins's Rapture, where he was billed as Jan Dvorak. Thus began the fun game of identify the Euromuscle hunk, because so many of these European models starred in these hot movies, but with a name unique apparently to one particular studio. Fortunately, the career of Pavel Novotny/Max Orloff has been easy to follow.

    Czech Point clearly begins at peak performance with Steele and Novotny exploding across the screen in the movie's very first scene. The perfectly seasoned Steele grinds and plays the lean and tender Novotny in a duet that clearly comes close to overloading the camera circuits.
    Czech Point's sex is so good, it is easy to miss the plot: Steele is a sargent in charge of teaching soldiers at a military training camp.
    Pavel Novotny
    The movie's second episode is more of an opportunity to catch your breath. Slim Michael Brandon arm-wrestles Nick Savage before drilling him in the mouth and ass with his XXL cock. The third episode punches up the heat again with Steve Harper noticing Thomas Lloyd's amorous cruising in the shower. Harper takes him on by spreading out all of his goods. The scene punches up when Steele enters intent on showing these boys how men are supposed to do it in the military.

    Pavel Novotny Steele and later on Lloyd intensely gratify Harper's manhole, who clearly appears to love it.
    The fourth scene is another scorching pairing of a Czech with an American. The fully-chiseled, perfectly hung Ales Hanek (who has done films as Jirka Kalvoda) gets frisky with Geoff Ashton under a blanket. In no time the two are trading blowjobs. Their sex is intense. At one point Ashton is getting plowed side-saddle, and he grabs hold of a tent pole and sucks his own fingers.

    The movie is first-rate from start to finish. As a nice touch, the visiting Czech soldiers Novotny and Hanek speak to each other in their native czech language. It's arousing to hear their own masculine dialect.

    Czech Point is as good a military-themed film as it gets, and Chris Steele's work has never been better.